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This HOME INSPECTION AGREEMENT ("Agreement") is made this 00 day of Month, 2004

"Inspection Company"
Craftsman Home Inspection Service, Inc.

Client’s Name 

For the property located at:

00000 Abcdefg Avenue; Anywhere, PA ("The Property")

1. Inspection Services. The Inspection Company will perform or arrange for the following checked inspections and the client shall pay the Inspection Company the fees set forth in this Section.

Home Inspection (provided)............................. $0000.00 Radon Test (provided / arranged)..................... $000.00
Wood Destroying Insect (provided / arranged). $000.00 Other (provided / arranged) .............................. $000.00
Other (provided / arranged) ............................. $000.00 Other (provided / arranged) ............................. $000.00
Total due for provided and arranged services.... $0000.00

2. Time of Payment; Release of Inspection Report. Client shall pay the Inspection Company the sum of $0000.00 ("Inspection Fee") for the home inspection service. Additional services may be purchased through the Inspection Company and are to be considered separate from the home inspection. Other services may, as a courtesy, be arranged by the Inspection Company and are not subcontracts. By arranging for and providing ordering and billing for any such services, Inspection Company does not warrant or assume responsibility for the work of such provider(s) or for provider’s contract with the customer, which shall remain strictly between Client and provider(s). Payment is due when Client signs and delivers this Agreement to the Inspection Company. The Client shall not be entitled to the Inspection Report unless Client has first paid in full all Inspection Fees and has signed and delivered this agreement to the Inspection Company.

3. Home Inspection Law. The Home Inspection and this Agreement comply and reflect the provisions of Act 114, Section 75, known as the Pennsylvania Home Inspection Law. The Client acknowledges and agrees that the purpose and scope of the Home Inspection of the Property by the Inspection Company is to discover readily visible, apparent or obvious Material Defects at the time of the inspection and assist the Client in evaluating the overall condition of the Property and provide an inspection report describing the Material Defects according to Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of a Pennsylvania State compliant National Home Inspection Association. A Material Defect is defined as follows: "A problem with a residential real property or any portion of it that would have a significant adverse impact on the value of the property or that involves an unreasonable risk to people on the property. The fact that a structural element, system or subsystem is near, at or beyond the end of its normal useful life is not, by itself, a Material Defect."

4. Not a Warranty. The Home Inspection and the Inspection Report do not constitute and shall not be considered to be a warranty, either express or implied, concerning the present or future condition of the Property, the presence or absence of latent or hidden defects that are not reasonably ascertainable in a competently performed home inspection, or the remaining useful life of any system or component of the property.

5. Further Evaluation. If the person conducting your home inspection is not a licensed structural engineer or other qualified specialist whose license authorizes the rendering of an opinion as to the structural integrity of a building or its other component parts, you may be advised to seek a professional opinion as to any defects or concerns found in this report.

6. Not an Appraisal. This home inspection is not to be construed as an appraisal and may not be used as such for any purpose. 

7. Permission to Release Report. The Company will issue an inspection report to the Client only. This report becomes the confidential property of the client and may not be relied upon by any other person through unauthorized distribution of the inspection report. The Client may give the authority to the Inspection Company to release a copy of this report for his or her named representative’s sole use in this specific real estate transaction only by initialing: ______, and providing the representative’s name: _________________________.

I have read and agree to the terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions found in both this document and the limitations and exclusions document that follows. I agree to the terms of limitation of liability and the provisions of the Pennsylvania Home Inspection Law. I understand that if I do not agree to the terms and conditions set forth that I have the right to cancel the inspection at this time and I have the right to hire another inspection company.

Inspector’s Signature/Date Membership & Number Client / Named Representative Signature Date
_________________________________________  ______________________________________




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